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“The level of attention I witnessed was nothing short of fantastic!
The movers came in the house
with fresh pads and protected everything, banisters, furniture.
I never experienced this level of attention before and everything arrived in perfect condition.”

- Angela and Ted
, Seattle WA

We're trusted for lots of reasons, but the most important ones are right here. It's the memories of home that make family life even more special. So when it's time for a new home, you can trust Great West Moving and Storage to move those memories.

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We are here at every step of the way during your moving process including:

  • Working with Great West in your move preparation
  • Advising you in determining the best plan of action for your move
  • Explaining all of the services, current specials and benefits you can receive
  • Survey all of your belongings to establish size, weight and packing considerations
  • Estimate the cost of the move and suggest options and discounts available
  • Schedule your packing service and your move and delivery dates
  • Review the paperwork including the Bill of Lading and Inventory

Great West Moving and Storage is a leader in innovative solutions for moving the most complex items including Pianos, Pool Tables, Motorcycles and other special items. We have patents pending on special handling equipment designed to reduce risk and improve efficiency in handling.

Packing and Loading
You may pack yourself or trust Great Wests’ team of seasoned pros’ to pack for you

  • We can offer a complete line of packing materials delivered to your door
  • Our staff will cut your packing time and effort in half
  • Pack service is typically performed a couple days in advance of your move
  • Your possessions will be covered for damage if packed by a Great West representative
  • All the boxes will be appropriately marked to indicate room and contents

Load and Transport

When your driver and crew arrive you will be requested to sign a Bill of Lading and select the level of Valuation protection you want

  • The team will pad, and shrinkwrap all appropriate furnishings for maximum protection
  • Items will be inventoried and a condition report will be filled out
  • Some disassembly may take place, and mattresses bagged
  • Driver and Crew will utilize their expertise and special equipment to load up
  • All articles will be secured and tied into the van for safe transit
  • The driver will take one final walk through to ensure nothing you want was missed

Unload and Payment

  • The driver will call in advance to verify the deliver window
  • Your possessions will be delivered within the suggested time and offloaded
  • Items are moved into your residence or into storage and reviewed as they come in
  • Any furniture that requires it shall be re-assembled and placed into the proper rooms
  • You will be requested to pay just prior to full offload via COD, certified check, MC, Visa

*Special note, moves under 35 miles are typically quoted using an hourly rate. Over 35 miles the estimate is based on weight and distance.

Great West understands you're not just moving boxes and furniture - you're moving your life. We're never satisfied until you are, and we care enough to make your move as easy as possible.

Whether you're looking for an interstate or international moving company, or just some helpful information to improve your moving experience, Great West Moving and Storage wants to help.


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