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Are you looking for the best solution in moving and storage while you are in a temporary holding pattern? Great West Moving and Storage has devised the most efficient way to help you in this kind of situation. You may be closing on your current residence sooner than you expected, but your new house will not be ready for 6 weeks.

What if you could turn two moves into one and eliminate the frustration of having to locate temporary storage?

Here is where Great Wests' Mobile Contain N’ Store comes into play!

  • We deliver storage containers from 16-36 ft, fully equipt with pads and shrink wrap.
  • We provide all the serviced need in a conventional move to load the container.
  • We then take the container with your possessions to our storage facility and dock it until you are ready for delivery.
  • The costs of offloading and re-loading to and from a conventional storage are eliminated!
  • Your possessions are fully secure with us.
  • On your requested date your container is delivered to your new address and unloaded.

Great West Moving and Storage is a leader of innovative solutions and if you are seeking a method of eliminating the costly process, and scheduling hassle of two moves and interim storage, let Great West provide you with the solution.


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